Need Suggestion for ad network

Hi everybody,

I’m in process of making my first Android game which isn’t really new out there in the Playstore. It’s just a simple side scrolling game, with a little minimalistic feel to it. Quite frankly it isn’t really the kind of app that somebody would buy it if it will be paid, so I think the only way I might earn a little from it would be through in-app ads.

A little info about me and my app:
Country: India
Daily impressions<10,000 (approximately after a month or two)

So kindly please suggest me an ad format and an ad network. And I also want to know whether I can refresh that ad after sometime if yes then how and what is the ideal time period to do the same.

Currently I’m thinking about placing Banner ads…

Start with admob… Then you can go on with another networks according to results.

I recommend using Admob/StartApp/TapIt (mediation)