Need help with 3rd party market distribution

I can easily pump out apps, but need help uploading to various 3rd party markets. Anybody else have this problem or have a solution?

impossible unfortunately, you can’t really automate the 3rd party markets because they are all different, all different requirements and especially with say samsung where you need a special permission, even with amazon you need different screen shot sizes and a stupid 114x114 icon which makes no sense

Looking for a service that does this per apk. You can automate a little uploading on amazon. What markets are you using? I’m samsung and amazon mostly.

do you guys, get enough downloads from those markets? is it worth it?
some companies already fetch the apk and put it to their market without asking, I always get around 20% more installs in my analytics than in GP.
It would be nice to get into Chinese market, if that is possible without Chinese ID

yes 3rd party has a lot of downloads but it’s pretty competitive and stores like samsung are pretty strict, more strict then google play

You might want to check out APPTUTTi | Partner Resources Portal They do distribution on Chinese app stores. :slight_smile:

Apptutti is shit !

ah ok. We never had an experience using them, just saw that they do Chinese app distribution. Which there aren’t many companies doing and quite the niche.

Even though I have not really “automated” the submission of files to alternative stores, I have severely made easier the Copy-Paste process of texts for title, short description, long description and keywords. I can do it in a click of the button. I do it for 12 Android stores, including amazon and samsung of course.

12 stores? there are only like 6-7 you can upload too that have a developer portal unless you’re hitting asian app stores too

Contact Bill he is making such service.

Nope, there are more than that. For years I have been looking into alternative stores, I probably have tried everything out there, including “stores” where you only submit your GP link.

I had tried some Asian stores too in the past, but stopped when they started asking for ID proof.

Doing ok with getjar at the moment