Need help. I've been banned 3 accounts in row. How?

I’ve created 3 publisher accounts. 3 days ago, I woke up and surprised with my 3 banned accounts. My 1st account has been banned bcoz 3 apps has been suspended ( violated tos on section 4.4 , about violate tos of other 3rd service that I used). But 10 minutes later, my other account also been banned too (with “Prior violation of … publisher account(s)”). I didn’t intent to violate their TOS, anyway how can google detected my other account and banned them without apps of those accounts has been suspended before. Here’s what I’ve done.

  1. I’ve create virtual machine of each account on my Mac using VirtualBox. Each of them use different machine profile, use different CD-key, different MAC address, different owner name and computer name. Used different harddisk for each VM ( harddisks has been clone from the prototype harddisk that has pre-install os and some software). I’m not sure about hard disk id and cpu id or other hidden HW id.

  2. I newly install android ADT/eclipes,SDK and each virtual machine. create new android.debug keystore and my release keystore.

  3. I always use VPN when browse to any google sites ( gmail, publisher page, google search page,any) to make sure that the IP always not the same as my Mac IP. use different VPN server/country for each account

  4. when create new publisher account, I used my virtual credit card from entropay with different name,address based on real information (use my friends info) to register it .

  5. when I create gmail account, I have to connect my virtual machine to internet without VPN ( they always ask my phone no. to do 2 step validation ). So, I connect my virtual machine to my android phone using its tethering to connect to the internet. Anyway, the ip address still changed every time when I turned on/off mobile data.

  6. my apps of each account shared some code, it’s my custom android library that do background work. Anyway, I always changed the class name of the code, used different keystore and package name, added some random mock up code and signed them inside its account virtual machine.

  7. I never signed in or access google site with those accounts out side its virtual machine.

  8. I’ve tested my apps on the same phone ( built a release version of them and installed into my phone) and get app snapshots. anyway, I tested apps for each account separately from others.

I’m not sure how our big G find out my other accounts. The problem is that when I’ve been banned for whatever reasons, they banned me for life - no second chance. I think I’ve done a lot , but still not enough. Do I miss something? Could you please share your opinion/knowledge for me and for our android developer community.


from where you got those extra accounts?
some proxy services are well known by google so you can’t trust proxies.
using vm on same machine is dicey

I dont think so anyone who really knows how they track accounts would tell you.

I use my friends real information with my virtual credit card. I don’t use proxy, just VPN. But I agree that some server may be known by GG so they can track and ban me.

I just wanna know how to survive this situation. I may made a mistake, but I don’t want to leave android eco system for this. I just ask anyone to give me some suggestion and still alive in this red ocean.

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(I used my virtual credit card from entropay with different name,address based on real information )
Same card every time ? Same phone number too ?

If you use your phone like modem without proxy than every time you connect the same cell tower, google know your location.