need for help, tricks and tips

i have a few apps on google play. they are not very popular (mostly in my country - Bulgaria), but one of them make me nearly 50 000 impressions a day. i uses admob - But my eCPM (or in new admob i quess it’s impression RPM) is very low - 0,01$. And all these impressions are almost useless because that app makes me less than a dollar most of the days. i think something is wrong (50 000 impressions, and less than a dollar income). Is there a way that i can raise up my eCPM, so these impressions make some difference. I tried with adding eCPM floor beta to the mediation. now my admob network is set to 0,01$ and i test differnet values in Floor Beta. i tested 0,10$, 0,20$, 1,00$ but almost no change. the fill rate drops on floor beta, and the eCPM stays as always. what combination or values should i use, that i can make these impressions count. is there a way make things better with that app? Some of my other apps, in some days have eCPM 4$, 3$ and values like this, but impressions are very low count, so no point of these big numbers. I don’t know why just this app, every day has an eCPM 0,01$. i think this is lowest that can be. Help me with some tips, and tricks if you can :slight_smile:

i’m sorry if you don’t understand me well, my english is not very good :slight_smile:

Hi @yo_asakura,

First of all, what ad type are we talking about? Banners or interstitials? Or both?
At any case, $0.01 eCPM seems very low, of course. I’d be happy to offer appnext to you to improve your results, but the truth is that all the networks here will improve them.
If I were you I would do the following:
1. Check similar apps for their monetization methods.
2. Switch off Admob for a while and integrate 2 other networks (choose one that is considered to be safe and compliant with Google).
3. Try another ad unit (if you only tried banners up until now - go for interstitials).

Testing and optimizing is the only way. No easy money here.

target your users for other high rated country like usa,germany,japan if possible.