Need feedback on my Android app monetization forum

Hi Everyone!

I recently created a new forum for Android app developers and I was hoping to get your feedback. The site is

It’s based on mybb but I’ve done a lot of customization to make the site mobile responsive (and removed a lot of options that were just clutter), and the Android app for the forum should be ready soon.

Our forum is unique because we have a point system that rewards our members.

For every new thread you create, you will earn 25 points. When you earn enough points, you will be able to cashout your points for rewards such as vouchers for app installs with leading ad networks.

Please let me know if you guys have any feedback. Thank you for your time.

Honestly the main page with the list of subforum looks really bad in my opinion. But maybe it’s just my taste, sorry.

Agree… theme is very ugly and messy :slight_smile:

Again “new forum” without any content, just categories…

and this…“Buy and Sell Android Apps
Android apps that are being sold by the EWMA community. Free to list, buy and sell at your own risk.” - again, place for put warez and break google play market with spam shit ;/

Seriously, for me, all forums about android money should dissapear, including mmwa. It’s creating poor competitors, market for cheaters and destroying google play.

I don’t understand when people ask for a new forum, but then complain because it’s without content :confused:

Thanks guys. I’ll remove the ‘Buy and Sell’ portion, I’ll take your word for it that it will only attract Spam and Warez. Even though I will be actively moderating the forum and keeping it clean, I wouldn’t want that stuff on there even for a second.

Here is the design for those of you who haven’t seen the site. I tried to stick with a theme that is similar to the Google Play Store. I even used the same fonts. If possible please let me know where I can improve specifically. Thanks guys.


i swear i wanted to register but imnediately i comfirmed the buying & selling category, i changed my mind. The difference between it and MMWA is just spam.

It’s gone now. Had no idea that category was that controversial, I appreciate the feedback.

yeah, it’s what make indie devs lazy and the market saturated, and the hard working 1s (building from scratch) who knows little about marketing suffers the loss e.g there is a dude (in income section of this forum) who built a game for 10 months (and the game is great), but at the end it dìdnt payoff. I felt so sad to the extent that i cant even delete the game from my phone even when i needed space (the game size is over 50mb).
By the way, i have registered.

Your friend sounds like the guy in my video!

That’s a real shame when talent like that goes to waste. I’ve noticed that too from my own experiences and that was my real inspiration to create my forum. A lot of my friends have no idea how to market their app and they think their app failed simply because it didn’t ‘trend’ in the app store. Your friend probably has a solid app but no one would give it the time of day because it never got in front of the right people who would enjoy the app.

More often than not, you need to spend money to make money when it comes to promoting anything. Few people get lucky and everyone strives (and dreams) to be them, but the reality is everyone’s app (just like my forum) is just a needle in a haystack and the only way to get any traction most of the time is to spend your marketing budget in the right places. My forum is new so it looks dead, since it’s lacking the social proof. Most of you likely have apps that are in the same exact situation, without the social proof (reviews and ratings) potential users don’t need to install your app to form an opinion about it.

I just decided to introduce my forum here, but I have a rather large budget that I’m going to spend on Facebook ads and app installs to get that INITIAL momentum which is EVERYTHING. Everything always SEEMS like a failure until it’s not, your buddy just needs to realize that it wasn’t his app that failed, it was more than likely his marketing strategy, there is still hope. Two totally different things but they are equally as important. For instance I run another forum (unrelated to Android) that is very successful, but it certainly didn’t start that way. No one wanted to use it until other people were using it, but once people were using it, people wanted to use it lol… I would say 90% of the marketing struggle is just getting the initial social proof, that momentum, it gets easier after you get over that initial hump based on my experience.

The more you learn, the easier it is getting past that first stage and the less you’ll worry about it. I hope your buddy is reading and watching everything that comes his way in regards to marketing an Android app.

Thanks for signing up, I’ll create a special page for the first 50 users who get over 25 posts that I’ll keep up forever. I’ll create a special award for this too.

It’s fine if u call him my friend, bt i just want to let u know that i did not know that dude from adam, i just met him on this forum. And by the way i also created a thread on ur forum.
I want to ask u, are u an app developer? Do you even mind sharing the link of ur previous forum with me. I mean no harm, just want to know more abt who am interracting with.

Green is pain now in descriptions, use grey and make some separator between sections, separate them.

And show what’s going on in every subforum (number of threads/posts, latest post, etc)

Ok I changed the color so the descriptions are grey now.

Ok I’ll add this back in today.

Thanks for the suggestions!

We are giving a free Google Play $10 gift card to the first 5 members to reach 50 posts. I know it’s a small prize, but we ask that you see this as a token of our appreciation for your time. We know it’s not a lot of fun to post on a forum that doesn’t have a lot of active users.

Once you reach 50 posts, please contact me and I will PM you the Google Play redemption number.

There is one catch, this reward is only available to members who are genuinely interested in Android Development. I have to say this to prevent a situation where I’m rewarding spammers for low quality posts.


Really cool idea. Love the points idea. Would you mind if our network created a post btw?

Yes please go right ahead. The forum is open to all mobile ad networks who help app developers earn more money.

Just created a new video today for that shows off our Points system.


The points system is a really good idea. I hope EMWA forum acquire user activity it seems that can provide real value to users. Congrats!

The points system is awesome! GJ

I have went on to your forum. And it seems you have only targeted the mobile users for your forum. Because the PC version of your forum does not look impressive.