Need Advice On My Income Report

Hi all,

I need some advice on my admob income report.
I have published 4 android apps on google play, getjar, amazon etc.

2 Find Differences Game

2 Slide Puzzle Game

Please find the attached for my admob earning report.
As shown in the report, my requests range from 2000 to 6000.
But the number of clicks that i’m getting is usually around 10+.

Would like to check with you, is this normal?
Is there any way to increase the number of clicks to boost the revenue?

Thank you.

try admob interstitials instead of banner ads…

do not try to squeeze every cent out of your app as long as you don’t have a good userbase. every bad review now will be a big part of your overal rating so you may aim for good reviews, getting more downloads. revenue will rise with more users playing your game much better than trying to squeeze more out of a small bunch of users :slight_smile:

everyone here making good money is doing so because they have a vast amount of users/impressions/clicks :slight_smile:

I agree with reiti … there are two types of people who make money here:

  1. Spammers with hundreds of shitty apps that keep losing their accounts
  2. Legit apps that try NOT to use too many ads, but make money because they make apps people love and use … and do millions of ads/day

Being the in the 2nd group is a lot better for the long term…