Need a Website for your next game? Try

Hi Guys. First of all - if this is the wrong forum, please forgive me, I thought it would best fit here and actually it is made to be a help for everyone of you and it is free!

I recently was in the need to do another homepage for my current game project and because I did this several times the last years I decided to go a step further and enhance my system to allow other indie developers to use it as well.

What is

Actually it is a project hosting site which aims to need a minimum of setup efforts. In other Words, you can setup your project website in just a few minutes. The site is structured so, that your project will always stand alone and not be part of a bigger site. It is also possible to root your own domain to your site and let it appear as a full standalone site.

Why a dedicated project website?

Normally you may give your players a space where they can find latest infos, report bugs and get in contact with the dev for whatever reason. features most of those needs in the simplest possible form. You get a news module, media module and forum module - all of it being managed with just a few clicks.

Why not use wordpress, joomla and such sites?

You can, and if you want to get the most out of your website you probably will use bigger CMS System - with the drawback, that they may need massive amount of administration and/or initial setup. indie123 is NOT a replacement for those systems, instead it aims to be just as simple as possible so you - the dev - can concentrate your resources on actual coding.

This site is not completely finished, but most of the features are working. I would love to get some feedback and if this site would be of any use for anyone of you - I bet!. Everyone is invited to sign up, create as much sites as you like. You can do a good amount of individualization, even when this is not the main strength of the website.