NativeX: Someone working with them?


Someone works or has worked with NativeX ?. What is your experience?

Thank you


Didn’t try them, but I know they were once very big. Not anymore.

They were bought by Mobvista not too long ago.

OK Thanks for your answer. I’m testing right now in 2 applications. In 2 or 3 days I can have data to say whether it is worthwhile or not to work with them.


So who is the CEO of NativeX now?

Do not waste time with NativeX.
Poor results and very dangerous advertising.


Really disgusting.
The worst of the worse.
Do not waste a second of your time with this company. It is a scam.


Really, what did you think to yourself when you decided to try them? Why even take a chance? There are so many reasonable options here - appnext, startapp, avocarrot, admob, supersonic… just pic 2 or 3 of them and try.

Agree, appnext is a trustworthy company. Itss self-serve ad plattform was released only in 2014 and in 2015 Appnext already grew its revenues by 345%!!!

I’m really looking for an alternative to Mobilecore to use from August, as the Supersonic proposal has nothing to do with the performance of Mobilecore.

Right now I’m testing AppNext, is much better than Supersonic but is still far from Mobilecore and honestly, I have not yet found a reliable alternative.