My very first app - NameMyNumber

Hi everyone!
Great forum! There’s a lot of interesting threads here for a newbe in android development :slight_smile:

As the title indicates, I’m fairly new to app development and android marketing.

If any of you here at the forum would give it a try, and give me some feedback, I would really appreciate it. It you like it, please feel free to add a response at Google play.

It’s a very small app (one-screener). I didn’t really have much ambission with regards to the app. It was mostly to learn. But as I came close to finishing it, I started to think that perhaps more people would find the app useful or fun…

I think this concept hasn’t been developed as an app before.

In short, it creates words from any number you provide. How is this useful or fun, you may ask!?? :slight_smile:

Well, I was hoping that some of you could take a few minutes of your time and head over to Google play.
Please read the description of the app, and try it out.
You should find it by searching for NameMyNumber.
I just added it a couple of days ago.

Thanks for any feedback you will give me. Hopefully with regards to the app, the description, or any other tips you are willing to share :slight_smile:

By the way…
Can any one give me some feedback on which category in Google play you would recommend putting my app?
It is sort of a tool, but mostly for fun… So I’m wondering if it might as well be put under casual games or something…???