My new game - The Domingos is live. Web version of the game won Square Enix GDCI


Hello all, we are Teapot Games
Last year, we made a web game called The Domingos in Unity.
The game won the Excellence award (2nd prize) in the SquareEnix Game Design Competition in India.

Buoyed by the success, we ported the game to Android and it is now live on Google play. If anyone is interested in having a look at the Drawing code or any other aspects of the game, please let me know- I am open to sharing :slight_smile:
Any feedback regarding the game is also welcomed.

Check the game here -

I wrote a blog post on some of the techniques we used in The Domingos. Feel free to ask questions and offer feedback.

Gamasutra: satish chandra’s Blog - Unity Android Performance Optimization in Domingos – part 1