My income : 150K impressions, $3 earning a day. What may be wrongness ?

This is my weekly income report. I have 7 apps and 10K active users. Click rate is very low, and contrary to what is said, Banner clicks are too much more than interstitials.
Any suggestions to increase my clicks, earnings etc ?

Which ad network is that one?
I would suggesto to change to admob and see how you do

I use admob already. In all apps, there ara banner and interstitial ads.

could you provide more information like:
user demographics, type of app, placement and refresh rate of the banner, etc?

My two biggest apps are word game and guess the celebrity game. Banners are at the bottom, interstitials appear before app closed.

I don’t use timer in order to show banner. At every question or every word, one ad is requesting by loadad() funtion. Should I change ad loading method?

I use only one banner app id and one interstitial app id for all my apps. If it is a problem I can try different app id for each apps.

How many banner ads are you showing per minute? Usually, developers set the banner refresh rate at 60 seconds. So when you usually see people talking about eCPM, that is usually related to a 60 seconds refresh rate.

Look at how many impressions you get per 60 seconds and try to calculate your eCPM as if you were showing an impression per minute.

I don’t use timer, ads loading at every new question, it depends on the time when user know the answer. If it will change the eCPM, I can use timer.

Try to find out how many ads you show per minute, otherwise you won’t be able to get help.

There is a huge difference in showing 5 ads per minute (if users answer a question in 10 seconds) and showing 1 ad every 5 minutes (if the average user takes 5 minutes to answer a question). To have more control over your ads, I suggest you use a timer.

OK. Thank you.

What about one ad for all my app? If I get one app id for each app, does it make difference?

I advice you to use a different ID for each app. Not only because it lets you track your impressions better but because it might be against the policies to use the same id for all apps.

Thank you very much.