My experience with LeadBolt

Hi guys,

I just released my first app some weeks ago and I decided to implement leadbolt ads ( regular banners and a full screen wall )

Here are the results so far:

What do you guys think ? how much could I be earning using other networks ? :confused:

Thanks in advance.

I had similar results with LeadBolt.

With other networks you could earn 10-100 times more. Yes, that’s not a typo. But it kinda depends on your user demographics (location especially).

The general consensus here is that Leadbolt went down the toilet a long time ago. What made you decide to use them?

For banners I’d recommend:


Post your traffic data like proportion of locations and where you show ads and myself and others could give you a ballpark figure of what you can expect.
Even with poor paying locations ad traffic you should be getting stronger eCPMs than what Leadbolt is giving you.

Hi Schw,

I just PM’d you. Here at AerServ we just released our new SDK which contains video interstitials. Not sure if you have ever considered using video interstitials but I can guarantee you’d see 100x higher CPMs than what you’re seeing with Leadbolt’s banners.

  • we have a light weight SDK or VAST tag integration
  • Net 30 payment (working towards net 7)
  • offering up to $250 bonus to new developers.

Message me back if you’re interested.


Leadbolt died long time ago.

Try admob, startapp, airpush. 26k impressions is good, especially if it is one app, and it is new. Wish you good luck

why you using html and not their sdk?

You are really lucky to get $0.04 & $0.08 eCPM.
I always get 0 CPM. very rarely i get it $0.01 or $0.02.

Hi! here are my user demographics, what do you think ? I am trying now to promote my app to US/UK/DE audience, not even had my play store profile translated to DE and everyday I get more downloads from germany :rolleyes: tbh I just promoted my app in a single spanish forum but my app is completely in english so I hope to have a better demographics soon.

According to google play (current installs):

According to Leadbolt:

tyvm, I used them coz I did read people talking good stuff about them in other forums but threads were 1/2 y/o.

I have right now 1850 current installs and 5600 downloads, but Im getting arround 500 new downloads per day and growing.


Im using html because my app is coded in html5 and I don’t know how sdk benefits me even more… Im still newbie.

Today eCPM $0.03 :frowning:

I have from few days only 0,20$ with their sdk :frowning: to to low … :frowning: With appnext I have 1$-1,5$ but im looking for company with easy integration with banner and appwall or something and with net30 max additionally to appnext :stuck_out_tongue:

Appnext only have Interstitials, right ? I would need another company that offers me standar banners with good ecpm

are people still using leadbolt? unbelievable

it is really bad that they are dead. I really liked their sdk/ad types/integration and etc. Everything is still much better than most of the new and high paying companies, except their payouts )