My downloads have been decreasing since I added startapp

Hey all, for those of you who installed the startapp sdk, have you seen an impact on your downloads?
I have installed the sdk 10 days ago, cpm is ok, on par with admob, but my downloads are dropping, 50% less than usual and keeping on dropping


I am not accusing anyone, maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with startapp, but this is a strange coincidence.
Any similar experience on your side?


Did you add new permissions? Maybe it’s because of them?

Good idea, but I didn’t change any permission.

Hmmm… So maybe searching engine found that you add ads and pulled you down in rankings…:stuck_out_tongue: or the size of the .apk changed and this could cause worse ranking… Or your apps just hit the max point and now it would be dropping, even if you wouldn’t integrate startapp …:stuck_out_tongue:

This happened to me when I used app grade. The permissions was not the problem for me since I made them false. They’re was something else in there sdk that caused me to block around 400 applications. I removed them and download went back up

Interesting. Would like to find out why someone like this happens

Maybe there are some kind of blacklists of sdks: for example airpush or startapp are considered bad user experience sdk and an apphaving them will get less exposure in the search results.
Just an assumption, that should not happen since startapp ads are play store compliant. but you never know what happens in the black box of play store search engine & rankings…

could be age factor of the app. I can’t think of getting same number downloads for top apps.

For your case, appannie is your best friend to find the issue. You must dropped out of some top 500 position in some country. Try figuring out the country where your app has got decreasing downloads