My app Slot Madness hit a wall

I created Slot Madness at the end of last year and at one point it was getting about 400 downloads a day so I considered that a win. It was actually coming up as the first listing when typing in the exact name and then bam, number 3. It kills me that when typing in the exact name of the app, other apps come up in front of it. Also, it was getting about 2 decent reviews a day and after my last update…nothing until yesterday when I got 2 one stars with no comment of course. I did have one guy say yesterday that he downloaded it and couldn’t find the icon, is this even possible? When I tried it worked fine. It was rocking a 92 review 4.3 until yesterday.

I also decided to spend $100 and get an AppZoom review in thoughts I would link to it in the market, but the person I got reviewing gave it a 6.4 and I could tell they never really played it because of the was it was worded. Then I dug through their last 100 reviews and the highest I saw them give was about a 7. I denied the review and as a response they sent me that the person is a professional reviewer and that they gave Monopoly Slots (probably one of the top slots) a 6. Would you even post a review like that on your market place if they gave it? Do you think the review alone help even if it seemed somewhat like fluff BS?

Also, the link is to the Play store. If anyone downloads it, please tell me if you see something out of place, or don’t see the icon?

Its quite rediculous that a person who is paid for a review does not give a high rating. Thanks for the info, I will never pay for a review by them, now I know.
Its is tough to keep downloads and ratings high. Probably you were somewhere in a ‘new’ section. You’re doing quite well. I have now reached 12.000 downloads in 2,5 months. Now about 170 a day. At first I had very positive ratings. But as the app gets more popular, also people that are not looking for such a thing or interested download it, so you have to get used to negative and stupid reviews. Youngsters of 12-14 can be ‘killing’. If you hold on, ratings will stabilise. And I do not have the impression that rating matters a lot. My ratings went down, but downloads went up. You have to live with it.


Congrats the app, but sorry to hear about your dead end. I have spoken to quite a few other people that have this same problem, and questions. I really think you should check out youAPPi They do amazing with app monetization and downloads. They have some great things going on I really they could really help you out.

Best of luck.

Your App now is not available on playstore, is it suspended?

I don’t see our app in the playstore. I’ll interested to give it a try though.