My App has 40,000+ installs; Here might be the reason

I put some effort into market research before making the app, and copied the style of the app/the description/etc from a similar highly-ranked app so that it is similar, and made sure that similar “new” apps still have a lot of downloads. I also made sure the app is generally good/bug free/fun to play.

40k installs over what period of time?

4 months - active installs are around 7k

Well, IMO those aren’t good numbers after all. But it’s a beginning :wink:

Better than most new developers. My most successful game app has only 10k and that’s from last year.

Not a good number. To get real profit, you need 40k downloads within a month.

Heh, some people here are a little jaded. 40,000 is pretty amazing from where I’m sitting.