My app featured on the Google Play Home Page but not seeing many downloads

Hey guys, just a couple of minutes ago i checked and found out that Arrow Path has been featured on the “Google Play Home Page” (the golden medal) in 1 Place since October 2nd. Clicking on “1 Place” it shows:

Games > 新ゲーム機能
Japan (#2)

According to Google Translate : 新ゲーム機能 = New game features

So, as far as i understand, i am being featured in Japan - Games - New Games , but i dont really know what the Japan (#2) stands for. And all of this has brought me in total 37 Japanese installs :frowning:

What are your thoughts about this?

Thank you!

did you translate your app to japanese? Japan is a big market but not sure about ecpm from Japan.

I translated the title and description using Google Translate hehehe

. The game is fully human-translated to German, French, Portuguese and Spanish though

“Google Play Home Page” is the browser (PC) version only, so it can’t be find on the main page of Google Play on Android devices. Maybe that’s the reason why you only got so few downloads from it (although 37 installs still seems like too low if it’s featured).

I’m also guessing that #2 means that it’s the second application under that list/category.

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Congratulations on getting featured, even tho it doesn’t seem to be working too well :slight_smile: