My android apps income From india..

So i had created this android app to earn some cash .I uploaded it on 22 feb and kept it ad-free for about two weeks untill the downloads began dropping in.I was getting 3000-4000 installs majority of them from india.The add system for my app was set up very properly . I use applovin banner add on top of my app and interstitial adds on evry screen except wher the movies play.Push notification from airpush and startapp and also one banner add from tapfortap(Not for revenue)…
So this is what i have earned in 15 days
airpush:80$(Just 5 days)
start app:60$(7 days)

total of around 600$ and daily m getting around 25-30$ now from the app, i think applovin is best for indian users…If anybody can suggest me something better from indians.I have 35000 downloads and 10000 active installs.

It seems you upload the movies to Youtube. If so, that is a copyright violation (and you are profiting from it with your app, which makes it worse).

right, anyone can make a ton of money violating copyrights, lol, enjoy that money, only a matter of time before google bans you, this is exactly the reason an open market concept sucks

First of all i never do such stuff , i just find them and most of them movies are of the actual owners ,the production houses, and i am just sharing themm:)

Before sayng anything you shuld probably have a look :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry I didn’t realize that you have distribution rights lol, save that money for a good intellectual property attorney

I think google wont ban me ,you should have a look at top new free apps of india…I dont know proper coding myself so i have to make such apps and use the earning to start learning, i myself hate doin stupid stuff but there is no alternative…:slight_smile: and i am just 17

holy crap, you are only 17? lmao, you can always chalk it up to being young and stupid lol, no worries, you probably will never get banned because the market is saturated with illegal crap plus you’re from another country, I’m not a hater for sure but I am from the US and it’s easy for those DMCA attorneys to come after you here

Ya i know U.S laws are tough but in india it takes weeks to get a case to the court…:slight_smile:

bro i gonna upload a new app plss suggest me a adds cos im poor need to earn

My take on your app:

  1. very good idea
  2. The Google Play market is flooded with such apps which simply display videos from youtube
  3. I too have developed such an app and its really doing great
  4. People have published apps on Jungle Book, Video Songs and other stuff.
  5. You have mentioned that the app displays content from youtube and you don’t own the content which should be fine
  6. I don’t think your developer account will get banned but your app may get banned (in rarest of rare cases where someone goes and complains to Google about your app displaying such content)
  7. The primary violation is done by the person who uploaded that content on Youtube without legal rights. You are a secondary violator who trusts that any video on Youtube is copyrighted by the uploader.

Good luck with that argument in court!

Gee, your honor, I KNEW the goods were stolen when I resold them… but I was not the one who ORIGINALLY stole them, so I should be free to go …amiright ?

See: Fence (criminal) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yes, I KNOW its probably not the correct wikipedia reference… sue me :slight_smile:

How could he be any more liable than youtube (which is hosting the videos) ?

Though youtube has an automated system - and this app is probably manually picking videos (if he switched to searching via keyword - then he could say his choice of videos was copyright-check-agnostic).

However, youtube has the behemoth of Google behind it - so they probably won’t be worrying about court as much - while the small app developer would - i.e. more susceptible to the buffeting winds of legal threat.

I think people here are getting too much scared. Guys, such things are common place in India. US is completely different market. I suppose, you won’t find android apps for Prison Break, Big Bang Theory and How I met your mother.

I think you need to take this to the logical conclusion and then ask yourself if you STILL think what you are doing is ok.

  1. You want your app to be the most successful
  2. Movies keep getting removed
  3. So it is logical that you would add a server check so you can get the app to always point to a valid movie on youtube
  4. Movies still keep getting removed and you cannot find replacements fast enough
  5. So you decide to fix the problem by uploading the movies yourself too

See where this leads you ?

Ask yourself: If someone took your app, removed your ads/etc and put there own in and then released it and made more money than you from your work… would you STILL think it was legal ? Or is it only ok if they come from India ?

hey mind, whoever has decided to bypass the rules will do it anyway. (may be downloading youtube videos and uploading himself). You made some valid points though.
Anyways, I think the poster of this thread has got good earnings and I congratulate him and wish happy earnings.