My admob account is banned without address verified

yesterday my ad mob account is banned . but my house address is not verified by Google .I didn’t receive any pin verification post from Goggle, so is this possible to create a new account on same address with different payee name , mobile no , bank account .

Nobody could give you a definite answer. Use other ads network instead.

Can you tell me best ad network like admob … I think admob is one of the best ad network to earn money . is there other network who can give me same income . thanks

Try facebook audience network, it is very much similar to Admob.

Is Facebook audience network will ban me for invalid click like admob do. I don’t know why admob is block me but they say invalid click ,is there any chances to get block from Facebook audience network. Thanks

No ads network love invalid clicks. You should try CPI ads instead. E.g. mC, appnext

Stop clicking your own ads