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Multiple Play store account


I am an App developer and I just would like to ask about google play accounts, If i open more than 1 accounts from my pc ( my clients accounts ) is that okay? no risk on them? Because my old account has been suspended, if i open my clients accounts from my pc is there a risk?

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They will be banned too.
Do not open accounts for your clients, they should open them themselves.

If you register using your client details and upload legit app, it should be fine. But it will better for your client register themselves.

hey… its not about the pc, its all about your IP address. after getting banned Google will always treat your IP address as a suspicious one… so its not recommended generally. ask your clients to open their own accounts… if they are really not into this at all than do it yourself for them by using something like team viewer etc…

Bullshit, Google not track IP only but machine by fingeprint and location, how to avoid these bans and cheat algorithms? On my website, still can buy access to 15.09