Multiple markets startegy

Hey guys, so I am prepping up to publish my app on different stores outside of Google Play. I got my languages figured out, strings.xml adjusted now I am thinking how should I measure app usage. Should I create a new app versions for each store or maybe just change the app ID to track usage, or should I even change ad ids to see which store bring in more money?

Any ideas/thoughts?

every store gives you(developer) stats which you can check once in a while. With limited reach of alternative app stores, its not justified to do so much work just to customize your app for each store.

I publish my app(s) on 10 marketplaces and I plan to add at least 4 more. This would be a huge work without an automated build process.
I decided to give Jenkins and Cloudbees a go.
It took me more than a month to learn it and solve all the problems, but it was worth it. With the push of a button I get all the versions I need, so I can use different ad networks, I can provide different links to my app page on the market/my website, etc.
I think it’s important because you never know where you get the most downloads from. My app has three times more downloads from Amazon than from Google Play.

You can also try detecting the store at runtime. If someone has multiple though you might need to decide which to choose.

True, you could even detect the installer app like described below, but somehow I don’t trust this:
How to conditionally use vendor-specific APIs for Android apps? - Stack Overflow