Multiple GP accounts management

Hello all,
I know maintaining multiple GP accounts for one developer are against policies.

But its oki if its in the name of another member in your home.

Though i am only using both the accounts.

I am scared of getting either or them or both might be blocked.

May be i am worried for nothing.

How i maintain them?
Below things are used very differently from my first account.

Development computer
internet connection
bank account
Credit card used to create account

And i never open any other mail ids in them. Just dedicated machines.

Is there any scope of getting caught?
How you guys are maintaining if got multiple?

Anything else could be done to improve?

I have two accounts and using only one computer but different keystore for my apps.

the other dev account is only accessed via socks proxy (my own private proxy).

Thats good.
For how long you have been using them?

For me its been 6 months only.

I do not understand why people get their GP accounts banned with this reason(multiple accounts)?

Do they create under same name or what kind of mistakes lead account ban?

almost a year.

I think multiple accounts is not a problem just create it under other people’s name. You should worry if you are violator. :slight_smile:

The problem is in what constitutes a violation - with goggle this can be pretty random, so it’s best not to have your eggs in one basket.

Development computer
internet connection
bank account
Credit card used to create account

This sounds smart - can I ask how you pay taxes on 2 different bank accounts? I am new to this. Is it possible to be registered once as an entrepreneur but have 2 income accounts?

Yes, its possible to receive ads revenue in multiple bank accounts.

If you have single GP account, you can receive yours ads revenue in different accounts. For this you need yo use different ad network and mention different bank account against them.

Even if you have multiple GP accounts, you can do it.

I am having another GP account on my father’s name. In this way afs revenue is divided and i can get the benifit of anothet free tax slot.

Right, but is it necessary to have different people? Can google “tell” that account 3293290323 of John Doe and account 343343233433 of John Doe refer to the same John Doe if the two people are using different bank accounts/google,google play dev accounts? I get that google is powerful, but isn’t this type of checking ability reserved for governments?