Multiple Ad Networks in same App?

I am having some apps which are currently monetized through StartApp but I wanted to know if I also install Airpush SDK on my apps then will there be any problem? I guess it should just double up my income from the same app as now it will show more ads from StartApp + Airpush?

Also, In StartApp I am currently getting about $8/1000 Installs. Can anyone please tell me how much Airpush pays for 1000 Installs? or 1000 installs are equal to how many impressions?

Looking forward to get some opinions soon.


It’s a good idea to use more than one ad network in an app, so long as you don’t compromise on user experience too much.
For example if you only use banner ads, you might start using interstitials too, or maybe Push ads. If you do all 3 of them you could end up hurting the user experience, causing bad reviews etc. The easiest way to calculate what a good compromise is, is to put yourself in your user’s shoes.

Note that if you use other icon/push ad networks with Airpush they will not consider you for weekly payments and you will be on net30 instead (like most ad networks).
Sendroid and Leadbolt also offer weekly payments like Airpush, but they all have different payment thresholds you need to meet to be eligible.

I get around $10/1000 installs with StartApp, but most of my installs are outside the U.S, like I imagine yours must be.
Airpush don’t pay per install like StartApp do.
Airpush offer an array of ads (Push,Icon and Smartwall[which features AppWall,OfferWall and AdWall]). The more ad types you use with them, the more you will earn. Again you need to meet a compromise, or your users will be unhappy and you’ll get bad reviews etc.

Here’s some combinations I use in some of my apps:

Banner Ads(Admob+Appbrain+MMedia), Interstitials(AppBrain+MMedia), StartApp.

Airpush with all ad types, but mid range frequency.

AppBucks, Banner Ads(Admob+Appbrain+MMedia).

I’m about to release one that will use PingJam, Appbucks and Interstitials(AppBrain).

Hope that helps!