Multiplayer car shooter Crash Arena

Hello, I’m an indie developer and Let me show my game: I’d appreciate any feedback.

Crash arena with cars and guns.

  • more than 15 cars, muscles, storts and classic
  • equip your car missiles and machine guns
  • “deathmatch” mode
  • 3 different arenas
  • funny car multiplayer shooter

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Just reviewed you game (Sam Mathew) & install also shared it on g+

please return the favour -

I have reviewed your game

Here is my review JumblyApps

I have sent PM for you. Please check it.

Reviewed and G+'d as Maureen Nulud
Please do the same for my game. Thanks a lot!

Reviewed and G+'d as “Nhật Anh”
Please do the same for my app. Thanks a lot!