Multi developer accounts ban due to same admob ?

I have around 72 apps running in my admob account. All got removed in one day one time. 72 apps are spam into 10 Google dev accounts. But I work with different people for profit sharing. Means the 10 Google dev accounts are manage by different people and created by different people from different country. So I am 100% sure it is not linked duplicate accounts. How could this happened? Has Google detected all the same admob developer Id and ban all my apps? However my admob account still active and running.

Anyone experience this with admob?

Any advice?

Should I still create new ad id and upload apps using my admob?

Be careful with admob, they may be used as SPY… Keep in mind it still owned by Google.
My recommendation is to create new Admob account in every accounts [in every partner you have], so in that case if ever other accounts terminated/banned the others are safe.

Probably one app triggered their flag system for high CTR etc, then whoever reviewed the flag then reviewed all your other apps with admob.
It happened to me last year and I had to make minor changes to lots of apps and appeal, all because CTR went up for a few days in one app.
They all got re-activated and my account is fine.

Hi, did they remove all your apps from Google play that have the same admob publisher due to high CTR?

How can 10 Developer accounts using a same admob account for monetisation?
You are saying all 10 developer account are of different persons & they are using your admob account for monetising ads. Means you were getting paid for all those 10 developer account revenue directly to your bank account. If this is the case its likely you were linked to all those developer accounts. Its easily detected…

yes I have been practising this since years and also a lot of people is doing it as admob does not restrict multiple developer account in one admob account.

No it was all just admob issues.

this 72 apps are same code? or using webview or connect any same ip?

also im working on this issue because our last 10 developer accounts terminated. im using one app.but i not publishing same time.everytime app is terminating (max 6 7 day).im using different admob vps different credit card diffrent images strings etc…i cant solve this problem.

in your case your app is patched ,whenever u make app try to better obfuscate so bots don’t patch your app code

yes i tried but no changes. every time banning.

Google track your machine’s fingerprint. You either need to mask all the ways they detect your specific machine, or get a new machine.

i make apps and sign on vps. every time change vps. also i removed all images exif info:)

strugling with the same… the patching concept sounds scary,…

can you describe it more please ?

do you sign your app manually ? (on cmd)
what is images exif info ?
and can you recomend me vps provider ? thanks

Were you using copyrighted keywords ?

How high is ‘too high’ CTR?