Movie Trivial Quiz 2012

Hi guys, this is my new quiz that i have launched recently. It’s a movie quiz with many questions from old and new films. Please don’t forget to leave your comment, in order to improve it, because feedback is very important to us. You can find it here Thank you for your time.

Thanks for sharing. I’ve download & rated your app. Overall I enjoyed playing - it was fun to see how much movie trivia I knew. A few suggestions:

Button UI Feedback - Pressing any of the buttons on the main menu immediately launches a new screen, without any feedback on the actual button that it was pressed. Some kind of visible change to the button state would be nice, so that when I press down on the button I can see it change.

Timing - Personally I would prefer a bit longer interval between questions. When I answer correctly it’s fine - I don’t need time to review the question. But when I answer wrong, I only get about half a second to try & read the correct answer. This doesn’t feel like enough time. Maybe if the question is answered incorrectly, pause on that question for a few seconds, to give people a chance to read the correct answer?