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Saudi and Egypt have hurt your ecpm the most. Otherwise ecpm across geos looks good to me. You may replace that second admob inter with some other network (may be airpush, startapp, mC, appnext, chartboost etc). u need to experiment on that part.

Hi, nice number of impressions. How many apps you have? They are games? can i see tem on store? Tnx in advance

What is the relationship between ePCM and revenue? Revenue is defined as “number of clicks” * “price of click”

Revenue = Clicks/Conversions. Admob only shows CTR (Click through rate) since they primarily pay for clicks, while some campaigns running via conversions instead.

Your CTR is directly linked to the ad type and frequency of impressions, as well as placement of ads within the app. Intelligent placement can yield better CTR.
So of course, better CTR = more clicks = more revenue.

eCPM (estimated Cost per mille[ revenue per 1k impressions]) or RPM (Revenue per mille[ Revenue per 1k impressions]) is just a measure of the performance of your traffic.

For example:
Over 1 day your game displays 5k banner ads and 1k interstitial ads.
You banner eCPM/RPM is $0.30 and your interstitial is $2.80.
You banner revenue = $0.305 = $1.50.
You interstitial revenue = $2.80
1 = $2.80.

The eCPM is just the calculation of how much revenue you’re generating for the ad impressions.
It is the calculation of how much revenue you make for clicks/conversions for your ad impressions.

I hope that helps!

6 million intersatial requests with 1.5 million impressions = 98% fill?? How’s that math work?

With adMob if you are preloading ads, a lot of them get filled but don’t get shown. (User closes app before your preloaded ad is shown) So admob doesn’t report it as an impression, but it does count the request in the fillrate equation as an impression if the ad was delivered.

thanks for sharing your knowledge

Don’t change anything with your banners, they are nice.

But you can try mobilecore or startapp with your interstitial for couple days, to see how they perform.

Revenue is lower than it would be if the majority of your users were from USA/UK but there probably isn’t much you can do about that. Perhaps you could increase CTR though, do you show interstitials on app launch? These are most profitable ads for me.

Hi guys,
I updated my admob account at the end of June. What I’ve mentioned so far and might be interesting for you as well, July was a strong month (better than the former couple of months with the old admob). So far August revenue for me is even higher than July.

Hi, I realized that your impression CTR is very high compared to mine.I am new to the market and can’t get enough clicks to make my way.I wonder if it’ something app related or is it something ad related or anything else? Do you have any experience on that?

My August report is as below; awfully terrible month.You can see my CTRs are below %1 , so low as %0.3.Is it normal or am I doing something wrong?


Impressive score. Will be following you from now on. Thanks for the stats so far.