Most profitable solution for interstitial ads?

I use Appbrain’s interstitial ads on an app, which gets 250 daily downloads. This results in about 3$ daily revenue.
I think this could be more. Do you know a more profitable ad solution for interstitial ads?

Appbrain’s ads say the same thing the whole time “would you like more free apps”. I think we would get better revenue if the ads had more variation, it could be different banners shown every time.

That’s pretty good considering I have 10kish and make 20 bucks…

The revenue from Appbrain has dropped a lot since my first post in this thread. Has anyone tried Adfonic?

Woah 250 downloads? That’s pretty good! I’m getting less than 100 downloads but that’s on the appwall, not the interstitial ad that appears when they exit. I actually just implemented that today but I don’t think it will help.

One thing that bugs me is that you can’t change the banner theme without pushing an update. Or am I missing something?

Anyway, @OP. I don’t have any suggestions but I’d avoid LeadBolt.