Most profitable ad solution for interstitial ads?

I use Appbrain’s interstitial ads on an app, which gets 250 daily downloads. This results in about 3$ daily revenue.
I think this could be more. Do you know a more profitable ad solution for interstitial ads?

Appbrain’s ads say the same thing the whole time “would you like more free apps”. I think we would get better revenue if the ads had more variation, it could be different banners shown every time.

Chartboost seems good, but they only accept games. Is there any similar company, which accepts apps?

I’m using 2 more interstitials networks… you may wanna give them a try:

AppLovin - AppLovin Review - The journey so far…


Heyzap - Heyzap Ads - Review and Basic4Android Library


AppLovin’s banners aren’t performing as good as they used to, but their interstitials are still pretty decent.
Heyzap Ads is very new, so lots of hiccups yet in their system

But sorry, they are mainly games too… not much apps…

I am getting about $2 for about 2800 installs a day - but this is with AppBrain banner ads - and the fulls screen interstitial has been set to appear once-every-3-days as suggested by AppBrain …

Though with new apps the proportion is higher - perhaps because users are still exploring the app (or get confused that “More Apps” is some recommendation from the app developer etc.).

Others here have suggested Leadbolt “appwall” as giving better revenue. Prior to that heard from some folks here about Airpush SmartWall (but they haven’t separated it out into EULA and non-EULA versions ?).

How about Admob’s insterstials? Are they performing well?

adforandroidapps: $2 for 2800 installs is far too low, maybe you should check the implementation or set the banners to appear more often? I wouldn’t use Leadbolt or Airpush’s insterstitials, because that would give the app bad reputation. It would associate the app with push ads, even if these were not used.

I am also investigating insterstial ads for iPhone at the iPhone Dev SDK - iOS Developer Forums forum. Someone there said that they got $129 for 1942 downloads with Chartboost.

Bill1979: I have signed up to AppLovin and I’m waiting for more info from them. It doesn’t matter if they only advertise games, as long as they allow apps as publishers.

Bill1979: I have implemented Applovins’ interstitial ads. They look good, but I think that the “skip” button is too small. The risk is that users won’t notice it. The ads also takes some time to load. This could annoy users and result in bad reviews. Did you get any bad reviews due to Applovin?

I did get 1 review saying that the user could not close the ad. But I think that was due to a bug in my code which somehow popped up the ad a couple of times in a row. But so far no other bad reviews on full screen ads.

As for the skip button being too small, this is a normal thing in lots of ads I’ve seen, probably it is a marketing gimmick, and they hope you will still accidentally click the ad instead of closing it :slight_smile:


Sorry that was not clear - that is $2 for 2800 installs of the app. That $2 is for probably 11 or so installs (via the AppBrain appwall) - because AppBrain pays $0.18 per install or thereabouts.

So 2800 is the total new installs per day - giving around 11 or thereabouts eventual downloads - and that would give $2 etc. …

You say Leadbolt and Airpush appwalls would also bring with them the EULA - as far as I know the Airpush non-EULA SDK not available - but Leadbolt seemed to have two SEPARATE SDKs - one was for “Display Ads” (assuming this doesn’t have EULA ?) - and the other for “Notification Ads”.

I will be looking into Leadbolt Appwall as a comparison against the AppBrain (as benchmark revenue source).

You mention $129 for 1942 downloads with ChartBoost - that is $0.066 per download - and probably is for app install - and thus inferior to the AppBrain revenue (if I am interpreting the numbers correctly).

Regarding the skip button on interstitials:

  • Greystripe doesn’t show one until you tap the screen - which could confuse some users.
  • Leadbolt appwalls etc. it seems have a big (X) at top-right (if I am not mistaken from what I’ve seen in other apps).

I have uploaded 2 apps with Applovin’s ads now. So far now bad reviews due to the ads.

Has anyone tried Admob’s insterstials? Are they performing well?

I think the Admob interstitials are invite-only - so Admob contacts you if they think you are eligible.

I tried Applovin, but it didn’t pay off. We got several hundreds downloads of the apps that we used for the Applovin ads. This only resulted in 0,13$ revenue, which is much less than Appbrain. So I switched back to Appbrain.

Applovin is currently in a very bad shape , fillrate dropped to ~50% , ECPM is very low and so on.
So now’s just bad time. :slight_smile:
But honestly, all ad networks after holidays are showing same symptoms , we need to wait and concentrate on producing new quality apps.

It might also be a good time to… advertise. :slight_smile: