Most important specs for developing apps?

Hello community, this is my first post in this forums, i’m excited to be here.

This year i’m planning to get myself a new laptop dedicated to work, and I want to focus on getting the best specs that would help me use any tools for developing apps quickly and without problem, that includes emulators and multitasking mostly.

Basically what I want to ask you is what are the most important specs to focus on if I want to have a android developing focused laptop? I have a budget of around $1200, and i’m not planning to make anything complicated in terms of graphics.

best is to buy macbook air core i3 version. you won’t regret it and should come in your budget. Why I say is because you can do ios development too in future without having to mess with VMWare.

As far as the application itself you want to support as many phones as possible so study the scaling codes very intensely. Learning how to scale once you get the hang of making apps will help you very much down the line trust me.

Not sure if i’ll ever develop for ios but that seems very convenient actually.

Although no offense but that doesn’t answer my question too well. If I buy a macbook for example, or any mac, which specs should I focus on when getting it? For example, do I want to focus on the RAM instead of the processing power, or do I want to focus on the hard drive and the memory, and so on.

Oh I believe you there.

So would you say then that Having a lot of RAM would be one focus I should have if I get a machine for this? Since with that you can have many different emulators running without too much problem.

Corei3 3rd/4th gen + 4GB RAM is sufficient. 8GB RAM is luxury.

What I like about macbook air is battery life + backlit keyboard and solid state drive (lower version comes with I think 64 GB SSD).

I am also planning to buy a macbook air lowest version (have got 1TB USB hard drive) and an iPhone to start developing for ios and hence spread out the risk of getting banned by play store.

I use bluestacks emulator besides the android emulator.