More tractors than I'd ever seen

We went to a local Farm and Ranch show today, and I saw more tractors than I’d ever seen in my life! Huge machines, with tires taller than i am, and with air-conditioned cabs with cup holders and radio/CD players. I wanted to bring one home, but my ever practical husband pointed out that just turning around one of these behemoths on our little pasture wasn’t possible.
I learned a lot about farming, a lot about proper care of the land (we are doing well in that area), and how to keep livestock happy, healthy, and productive. We’re doing well with our hens in that area, also.
The most valuable lesson we learned was how dedicated farmers/ranchers are; how difficult the life can be; and how few young people are willing to take on the responsibility and lifestyle required. Of course, an air-conditioned tractor with a CD player makes the lifestyle a bit easier . . . .

Until I saw the tractors live, I thought they were not that big, but it turns out that their tires are higher than me. Although there are some types of compact tractors that are designed for slightly different purposes, or for a smaller area. In addition to the tractors, I also recently purchased an excavator from Plant & Machinery as we have a house under construction and materials such as sand need to be transported from place to place. When I first got into this device, it felt like the whole world was under me, such huge excavators in real life, you feel like a terminator that can destroy everything.