More developers making money with Android

This is a follow up on my previous post on developers that blog about their journey to make some income from their Android apps.

Since the last post some developers stopped posting income reports and a few new blogs have been launched. In this post I have made an updated list of blogs.

Thank you Martin!

Your welcome :slight_smile:

I forget where I saw it earlier this week, but someone from Google says there will be over one billion mobile devices (phones and tablets) powered by Android next year at that time. So, yes, the potential and the opportunities are very rich and hopefully we will all end up that way too :smiley:

I don’t think getting rich by Android apps is for everyone. My guess is that for every success story there are at least 100 people that did not make any significant revenue. That’s ok as long as you enjoy making apps.

This is a logical fallacy because this is a rule for every single business on the world.

I Agree, but many think every app is a money-tree. That’s simply not true. Yes there are some success stories, but also many many failures that you never read about.