MoPub Supply Policy concerns

I recently decided to add a new app to my MoPub dashboard, but I noticed that I have to flag COPPA checkbox to add the app.(it was not present or not needed before, in fact I have apps that have the checkbox not flagged). The checkbox text says:

“By checking this box, I hereby represent and warrant that this app is not directed at users under age 13 and will at all times comply with the MoPub Policies.”

Reading supply policies ( I noticed this clause:

“Supply Partners who sign up using this website may not provide MoPub with data from end users under age 13. Supply Partners must not register for MoPub’s services using this website if any of their apps are either: (1) directed to children under age 13 (even if children are not the app’s primary audience), or (2) collect information from children that Supply Partners know are under age 13.”

My app on Google play store is not specifically directed to children under 13, but Google rated my app as 3+ content rating when I genuinely replied content rating questions on Google play developer console and Maturity for my app is for “Everyone”.
Is it allowed to add these apps on MoPub?