MoPub PayPal payment rejected

Hello, today I received and email from MoPub saying paypal payment has been rejected. I double checked my payment informations and both my paypal email and my payment info are correct. This is the email I received

We have tried to process your payment of USD XXXX by PayPal.

However, the payment has failed for the following reason: PayPal: Rejected.

Please login to our website’s payments details page and edit your details to correct this error. We will attempt to re-submit your payment in the payment cycle following your detail update.


I replied telling them that all info are correct. Can you help me ? Thanks

I also received that email today.
Maybe a problem with Mopub or Paypal?

I got exactly the same email.
PayPal works perfectly, it seems MoPub got some troubles.
Any idea will they suspend payment until next month?

Got paid today

Received partial payment. They said that I will receive remaining payament when they solve some payment issues.

same happened to me and today I got the payment correctly