MoPub payments delay... can't reach anyone... please help!


I’ve used Mopub to mediated between various ad networks. I’ve also integrated appnext and other networks to Mopub. I like the plateform BUT they didn’t pay me!!!

The payment advertized threshold is 100$ and I have reach more than 100$ in earnings for more than 60 days and still no payments from Mopub.

I’ve tried to contact Mopub using the general support email : [email protected]

Someone replied to me giving me 2 email adresses for my inquiries :

[email protected] for MoPub Exchange Billing
[email protected] for MoPub Publisher Platform Billing

I’ve sent emails to both adresses but I didn’t received any response nor payment. I’ve since removed MoPub from my apps because of this issue. The platform is good but Twitter customer service is inexistant…

Those someone have a contact at Twitter that I can contact? Please PM me.

They have become hard to reach since Twitter acquisition and I had similar problem (only mine was about a much larger sum). They haven’t paid me two months worth of revenue and pretended everything is all right for 3 months after which they have finally paid me. Bother them on Twitter, e-mail a few times a day and don’t expect payment soon, but it will come one day.

Small update about my issues with MoPub.

I’ve posted a message on twitter to @mopub and @mopubsupport and received an email 5 minutes later.

So, my advice, if you want to reach someone at MoPub, don’t bother to write an email, just send a tweet to them.