MoPub not paying since acquisition by Twitter

just wanted to ask if someone has the same problem. They should have payed me more than one month ago.

They repliled to my first email 3 weeks ago saying they have ploblems with the bank. After that nothing happed and they did not reply to my last 3 emails.
Looks like when it comes to problems every network support sucks. And I thought MoPub was one of the serious networks.

Their email:

JAN 14, 2014 | 02:54PM PST
Jimmy Pho replied:
Hi **,

We apologize for the delay in payment. This has been due to the integration with Twitter so that payment can be sent from Twitter’s Deutsche Bank account. There are some issues with the new bank and how it processes payment. Right now we plan to send payment this week for all earnings through the end of November, 2013.

Thank you

JAN 13, 2014 | 11:49AM PST
Tiffany replied:
Hi **

Thanks for reaching out and confirming your login email. Looping in the billing team to help field your inquiry.


Don’t worry they’ll pay you eventually but keep sending them an email every 3-4 days. Their schedule has been very inconsistent since the merge.

In my case Mopub specified wrong payment information (beneficiary name) for September and October payments. My bank put these payments on hold and only after a month of email communication Mopub fixed payment details for one of these payments while another is still on hold :frowning: