MoPub Mediation


I’m new in mediation network and i’ve some trouble to understand how it run.
I Use MoPub for mediation, and i added the MoPub Banner in my application.
Now i want to add other Networks in Mopub like InMobi or Admob , so that MoPub take the best ecpm of a network.

But How it works? Do i have to implement the banner of each network in my app ?

Sorry if it’s a newbie question but i’ve to learn.
Thanks you very much

You only have to include SDKs of those networks and configure them in MoPub. The interface of MoPub is quite weird, but you will get there.

Thanks you,

I just added InMobi SDK, setting it, and it works :). The ads banner is display but in the MoPub interface, everything in my “InMobi ad source” is at 0.

Sorry for too many questions.
Did you able to find alternate mediation platform?
Are you still using mopub and is it good or may you suggest any other mediation network?
Does mopub charge anything?

I am looking for simple mediation platform like adwhirl ( adwhirl is no longer active and trying to avoid admob mediation).


do you get ads from admob ? i create account from 7 days and still see wait approval in the market place ?