mopub issues

The mopub documentation seems to be really bad and I’m unable to get anything going, I’d be very happy if somebody could answer a couple of questions.

  1. Can I / Should I use the latest git version of mopub ?

  2. I’ve added admob network and mopub asks for publisher ID for every app, is this really my publisher ID or should it be my ad unit ID ?

  3. When adding admob as a network, logging in via oauth… then when I hit save I get the error: “There was an error adding revenue reporting to your account for this network. First set up your OAuth Token”, what’s this ?

I’ll probably add more questions as they come.

Ad.1. Yes.
Ad.2. ad unit ID AFAIK, not sure what place you are taking about.
Ad.3. They want to get the data about eCPM and other things from your adMob account automatically. For that you need to set it up, but I personally just ignore the message (I don’t trust moPub with that).

  1. If you go to networks->admob->edit network. It says PUBLISHER ID. I figured it out tho: In the old admob PUBLISHER ID equals ad unit id in the new admob, that’s why it’s confusing.

Another question: How should I use interstitials ? Should I create an ad unit for phone(320x480), another ad unit for tablet(1024x768) and then programmatically choose one of them based on screen size/resolution or is there a better way ?