MoPub: 18k Attempts > 192 Impressions -- Am I doing something wrong?

I am very new to the whole Android App thing and am having a little dabble to see if my hobby can make me a bit of money on the site.

I have turned my football betting algorithm into an app and have now started to try and monetize the hits it is getting.

I set up MoPub the other day because I liked the idea of having a couple of networks and my own ads going through the same platform, so I set up the SDK and uploaded a new version of my app.

Around 24 hours have now passed since my app rolled out with the MoPub code in and I have had 18k Ad Attempts but it has only generated 192 Ad impressions, the fill rate is around 1% and my backfill ads are the only thing getting impressions.

I am starting to think that maybe I have missed out an important step somewhere, or I have not got something set up right?

My network stack is currently Admob, MobFox & LifeStreetMedia.

What am I doing wrong?? Hopefully someone can help!

MoPub recently shows data in reports with a bit of a delay. Have you checked reports in the panels of adMob/MobFox/LifeStreetMedia? MoPub data is never very accurate. If they are also not showing ad impressions then check logcat for errors.

I have been into the individual panels and the story seems to be the same.

I am going to logcat check to see if I can see anything wrong and will let you know what I find!