Monthly results from Revmob, can I do better?

I’ve been using revmob for some weeks and I would like share some of my results to see if I can improve the numbers elsewhere.
I’ve got an app where I show a fullscreen ad when they open the app.
Here’s the stats for this month so far:

Impressions 30387
Clicks 8444
Installs 92
CTR 27.79%
IR 1.09%
eCPM $1.97
Revenue $59.91

Can I get a better deal on other networks?

damn, how comes 8444 clicks turned to 92 installs…

Yeah, install rate only 1.09%…

i would like to suggest you to mediate that fullscreen ad with other network. Say Startapp, or Tapjoy. Here is a great article on how to do mediation manually using appbrain settings:[tutorial]-how-use-appbrain-remote-settings-ad-network-mediation.html

I would suggest Airpush…
yeah I know,the reporting is shitty right now,but I think they will give you a slightly better eCPM…at least in the first couple of months…

I wont suggest airpush, last month i had over 10000 impressions and it gave me only 10$, revmob gave Bond $20 for 10000 impressions. I know this systems are different models but i can say that 2$ ecpm is much better than $1. My app is new but i have traffic from “good” countries, i dont know why airpush performance is so low.