Money from Indian Users Installs

hi all,

I’m planning to build an app for Indian community solely. The app will be of regular use application and is NOT a game. My only worry is about the ROI ! Why I’m worried? Because the stats which I got from previous app are that Indian eCPM is low, i.e. 0.2 - 0.47$(max), well no surprise there. BUT bigger thing is CTR is very-very less compared to all other countries. For 200,000 impressions I got ~1000 clicks. This is absurd. Looks like they are very skill-fully avoiding to click ads and I’ve absolutely NO hope for paid version.

So, you can see my worry here. I want to know if you guys can share your experience about Indian community. And would it be a risk worth taking ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Shadow21,

From my experience, Indian users are no different than any other users in terms of clicks. We are not seeing low CTR in India compared to other countries. Also, in order to give you an answer you need to tell us if these were regular banners or interstitials, which have a much higher CTR, in average. Without this information, my guess is that your placements in your previous app were not placed at the most ideal location, timing.
Optimization plays a very big part here.

Hello @shadow21. You can try something different than standard advertising when trying to monetize your app. Have a look at Pollfish. Pollfish monetize with surveys offering minimal intrusion and high payouts.

No, placement and timing are all right as it worked out for other countries[same app]. What I can assume here is lack of good ads by admob,may be? What is the average eCPM Appnext can provide around ONLY Indian users?

Same goes for u Pollfish. Please reply.

From what I’m seeing for some of my publishers, it’s anywhere between $0.4-$2. I haven’t checked all of them, of course. And these are not apps specially made for people from India. If you want to see examples, ping me in private.
Anyway - you are right, if you had much higher eCPM for similar countries, it might have soething to do with poor ad inventory.

Yeah, jonathan your approach seems encouraging to me. Let me know where we can chat in private, I’d like to see examples. Thanks.

Also, can any other user share his Indian success story :slight_smile:

Im glad you guys removed that cartoon guy from your website, he looked creepy and looked like he had down syndrome

i have indian traffic, been using ad-mob banner and get only 0.3 cpm, but lately i tried start-app interstitial and surprisingly India has the best ecpm so far compared to other Asian traffic, having 2 cpm.

Yeah, admob banner sucks for India. Did you tried admob interstitial ?

I saw few examples from my friends for Indian revenue and what I got is startapp ecpm(interstitials) is b/w $1.35-$1.75. I also saw stats for appnext, but wasn’t much impressed. So, I think I’ll go with startapp.

Hi shadow21,

Why dont you give us a try?

Given that we are based in India, we have excellent ad inventory for India and will be able to give you excellent eCPM for your banners and interstitials.

never tried admob interstitial on the same app. I have it on other app and the result is very high basically due to very high CTR (9%+) and USA traffic.
i’ll give startapp a try for a while and then maybe i will try admob interstitial.

anyway my admob banner only get 1% CTR trough out asia.