Monetizing Vietnam traffic

One of my apps has been getting a lot of traffic from Vietnam, but am getting terrible cpm’s. Which is the best ad network to monetise vietnamese traffic? I’ve tried applovin, appnext and alphagravel, but they are all sh*t. And no admob please.

Why no admob?
We have worked with a few networks dedicated to that geo and admob performed better.
There are a few big networks out there if you don’t want admob.

Say no to Admob

Admob is a big no for me. I had a Gplay account suspended in 2013, and i know they can (possibly) use admob to link my old account with my new one. I can’t risk that. Which other big networks work good for this Geo?

Honestly any of the big players are worth a shot.
Check out how Enhance™ can help you test them out. With Enhance™ you can implement any of the big networks in a matter of minutes instead of coding sdk’s for hours. Now you have the flexibility to put these networks in your app and see how they work without wasting any time.
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Good luck!

You should think about trying a programmatic solution which mediates on your behalf! A good mediation solution should prioritize the ad networks/ads which will give you the highest eCPM and ARPDAU, and that includes prioritizing and serving different ads based on your geos.

I agree with CasperIsFriendly.

Monetizing specific, non tier 1 Geos (not US, UK, CAN, etc.) is difficult when using one network. I’d suggest using a mediation layer that offers a programmatic solution and that is transparent with where your inventory goes. There are a few out there. I’d reach out and have a conversation with them all.

@CasperIsFriendly, I wanted to implement the programmatic layer on my own. What i want to do is serve ads from appnext/applovin for tier one countries, and ads from two other ad networks for Vietnamese traffic. That’s why i needed to know which ad networks work best for Vietnam. I know of services such as mopub etc, bt i don’t want to share revenue :slight_smile:

MoPub doesn’t take any revenue for mediation