Monetizing Uninstalls

Hi, anyone interested in monetizing their Uninstalls with a new SDK pleases PM or send us an email to [email protected].

We are a start-up, now launching a private BETA for selected developers.
If you would like to hear more please drop us a note.
Tx! Ben

I wonder how does this work exactly?

looks like uninstalled app, they give you money

I think that you can answer that:

  • is your uninstall SDK compliant with Google Play?
  • for what are you paying?
  • are you detecting uninstalling of my app (with implemented SDK) or other user apps (without your SDK)??

I think that answers for these questions will not tell your secret :slight_smile:

I think it may be sth like this:

  1. User want to uninstall your app
  2. They put e.g. icon ads or some kind of ads
  3. User finishing uninstalling

But I’m not sure if your app can do anything after user click “uninstall”… So it may be about other apps uninstalls… But if they want to use in-ap-ads I have no idea how it should work… Or maybe it’s for non GP markets?

User’s intent is to uninstall app and any advertise activity, in my opinion, is not compliant with Google Play. What is difference between for example adding icon ad (or displaying fullscreen ad) after first app launch and before uninstall? None
BTW. @ben190 discovered new monetization shortcut - PPU, which means Pay Per Uninstall :wink: