monetizing live wallpaper apps .how ?

i am diving into making livewallpaper apps
but which ad networks should be used?
are any push notification ads compliant after displaying eula


Push notification ads aren’t supported by google play store and lead to banned apps/account.

I don’t have experience with wallpapers, you should try new appgrade solution: You make your users download their app, so you will start making money until they unistall appgrade’s app.

Maybe startapp search box PPD!

thanks for reaching out !


I suggest you try appnext. We have a bunch of wallpaper apps on our network, all making great eCPM’s. Along with our new send by email function, you can’t go wrong. Let me know if you need my help.

Hey onlinewanderer,

I suggest you try AppGrade.

We’ve developed a great monetization solution, designed specifically to monetize wallpaper-like applications, such as yours.

As GanjaApps kindly explained, by promoting the SmartBar Pro to be downloaded by your users via GooglePlay (making it fully google compliant), you can enjoy continuous revenues with no dependence upon user engagement with your app and even if the user uninstalls your app!
For more details about this monetization solution -

In addition, we have numerous wallpaper applications that decided to integrate our Pre-loaded Interstitials or native ads using a “more games” button, so as to maximize monetization while user does engage with the app, leading to very high eCPMs.

I would be happy to further discuss this in detail:
Skype: tamar.appgrade
mail: [email protected]

Best regards,

Why don’t you should admob?

Thanks Jonathan for replying : i will look into your sdks and type of ads .an example of livewallpaper app live in play store using your sdk would help a lot !cheers

Thanks Appgrade for replying: On reccomendation of Ganjaapps i had already downloaded your Smart banner app.i liked it.
i dont know how your smart banner app will be promoted in my app.
.Like promoting your smart banner app in my app will be as good as showing other apps advertisement .Result:out of 1000 downloads of my app ,5-10 installs of your app.Once again an exmaple of Live wallpaper app live in the play store using smart banner promotion would help a lot. cheers

Thanks Heavenhell for replying
Do you mean admob banners will be shown on top of homescreen once my live wallpaper is activated(all day 24/7)
Or the banners will be shown only when the users hit my app.

Hey onlinewanderer,

First, great to hear you liked our SmartBar Pro :slight_smile:
You can see more details on how it will be promoted in your app and what this monetization solution offers here:

As for providing you with a wallpaper app that currently uses our monetization solutions, unfortunately I can’t disclose developers from our community, but you can experiment with all our monetization solutions (including the flow your user will go through with the SmartBar) through our demo app which we just uploaded to Google Play:

Why don’t you add me on Skype, so we can further discuss this in detail?
Skype: tamar.appgrade

Best regards,

Please fix your website so that it work with Chrome while adding the new app…

you should give a try to appOptim Social SDK
Multiple advantages:

  • RPMD up to 50$ , paid weekly, money for each install
  • Give users tools that permit to socialize your app, one click sharing app activity on social network
  • put ads content that keeps user experience
    It works very well

Hey mmmkkksss,

There should be no problem working with Chrome…

Please add me to your Skype, and we will try to figure out what exactly the problem is -
Skype: tamar.appgrade

Best regards,

i’m mainly developing live wallpaper apps too, and wow this is interesting. so now i know this out of the aps type ads from Appgrade is compliant.
but i think there’s really a downside, it’s like mobario type…
when there’s already appragrade/smartbar installed from previous/another developer on the user’s phone, i got nothing right? of course there’s can be only 1 apgrade installed in each unique phone right? :confused: