Monetizing Android Game

I have a game that has reached 7000 Daily Active Users and is growing. The game is similar to “Flappy Bird” or Ketchapp games, and in each session users press “Play” 12 times in average. In the last day they pressed Play button more than 150’000 times.

I’ve thought of putting an interstitial every 5 games, what will mean 30’000 impressions per day.

Most users are from the US, Germany and the UK.

What way/network you recommend for monetizing, and how much money do you think I may do?

Someone has the same kind of game?

just install Admob is okay, it has an average revenue per 1000 impressions of around 1.3 (guess a bit higher if your traffic is from US/US)

I guess you shall make $50 per day.

Congratulations on your success, may i know how did you promote your game? thanks!

Nothing, I created it at the end of 2014, and it started growing last December. I’m working in a second version so I can promote it with the version 1, and try to appear in the new apps top raking.

Thanks for your answer.

Hi soylomass,

Have you considered AdBuddiz? Our ads are premium full-screen ads that look great on games :slight_smile:

With 30,000 impressions per day you can expect steady revenues, we have plenty of high paying campaigns in the UK, the US and Germany. The SDK integration is simple and easy, only 2 lines of code to paste. If you are unhappy you can remove the SDK at any time.

Don’t hesitate to PM me for more details, or email [email protected]

Can you give me an estimated eCPM for interstitials of those countries please?

I suggest you try a mediation service like MoPub instead of going with 1 ad network from the beginning. I think that you can make more than $30 per day with this number of impressions and your top countries.

Hi soylomass,

The eCPM will fluctuate depending on how well the ads convert into installs. If the ads are placed strategically and you send us enough impressions, you should expect an average eCPM between $3 - $5 for these countries. This is only an average, for certain apps the eCPM may well be higher.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hi moneyappdev,

We also support MoPub :slight_smile:


Hi Clara,
Do you support AdMob mediation?

Hi Mohammad,

Yes, we support AdMob mediation too :slight_smile: