Monetize your apps,maximize your ad revenue

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I’m John from ADXMI.
ADXMI is a role leading ad platform helps developers to monetize their app with [Offer Wall,Native,Plaque ] ad format.
Adxmi have helped more than 10000 developers to earn a huge revenue around world.
Why so many developers choose Adxmi?
Because Adxmi have a good quality of service, give developers more, have leading technology, have many publishers.

There is a good way to monetize your app with integrate with our platform via SDK / API .
That may give your users more choices and enrich your revenue.
We expect that eCPM is between $7 ~ 12 ,or more.

You can according to your application ,add one or more forms of advertising ,the method of payment for the CPI .

Please feel free to contact me for further process:
Skype: John588lc
Email: [email protected]


John 梁李昌
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We are attending
TFC 2015
10th - 11th September

Specialist of Mobile Promotion & Monetization

wellcome to cooperate with me:o

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