Monetize Non-Paying Customers.

Applications are always in a struggle to monetize.
Smart developers design their apps with monetization in mind, but it still doesn’t always work as good as we would like.
Actually the vast majority of apps don’t make enough money to support an actual business.
There needs to be an approach that uses multiple monetization options to get an app profitable.


We all know this is probably the most common way of monetizing applications and it lets your users use your content for free.
Ads usually don’t take up too much real estate on the screen, and they pay you for each click or for a set amount of views.
This has many drawbacks though that make customers unhappy and so they can actually hurt your business if you overdo it.

Revenue Sharing Program

Amazon has released Amazon Mobile Assistants to help developers create revenue that can greatly surpass normal click ads.
They embed an advertisement for one specific product in your app and if a user clicks on the add and buys the product, you get %6 of their payment.
For things like cameras, coats, shoes and other higher priced items, you stand to make a nice profit.


A service like PollToPay allows you to cash in on your non-paying customers in a different way.
You can set up a “Poll” button next to a “Buy” button for in-app content that a user might want.
They are able to take a survey in exchange for the content and PollToPay will pay you for the survey results.
This pays out about 20 times more than click adds and it makes customers happy because they can receive paid content without having to open their wallets.

Toolbars and Searches

A company called StartApp introduced a new way to monetize apps a few years ago and is doing well for many developers.
The StartApp SDK is combined with the developers app and comes with a few features.
The developer can choose when ads come up on their site, and most importantly there is a search option.
This option allows users to search the web using their search box and it generates about $50 per 1000 downloads which isn’t bad at all.
Tabatoo also has a similar service that also integrates Facebook and Twitter into the tool bar to allow people to update their social networks from the developers app which provides revenue and keeps users on the app longer.

These are a few ways that non-paying customers can be used to generate revenue for apps. If you can think of any way that has worked for you let us know!


Monetize Non-Paying Customers | Polltopay

“$50 per 1000 downloads” on StartApp?
Can someone prove this? I’d alread be happy with $30 or sth like that… this would be a dream!

OP is mis-informed.

StartApp used to be able to offer that figure, provided all of your downloads were from the U.S. That figure is now gone due to the Google Policy update.

If you have significant US traffic you could probably make $15-$20 dollars per 1k downloads with StartApp, provided you integrate all of their ad units (including their in-app ads).

yeah, now-a-days Startapp is paying about $10-12 per 1000 downloads with all the ad units they have to offer. and that’s on a good day. i’ll go against the tide here and say that with all the new units ( banners,3D Full pages etc) the end payout have NOT changed for me since the update. you can sign up for them using the signature in the post above, A1ka1inE seems like a nice guy and a big “fan” of my boy billyh :slight_smile:

Do they pay that amount for only US traffic or UK AU Canada traffic also?

ok if it’s just below $20, I am good with admob in 30%russia and 30%US with way less annoying ads… I can’t really understand why the advertisers went so low-priced, it’s really sad.