Monetize game uninstalls

Hello guys,
A couple of days ago I received an email from a firm called Appjolt. They told me that I can monetize my game uninstalls by showing an add just before the user uninstalls my game. They say this technique is Google compliant.

I want to know if anyone has tried this method?


Yes I’ve been testing them for a while with my Signal Boosters app.

Haven’t tried Monetize yet but was planning on doing so soon, saw many apps already using them for Monetizing.

As for compliance, their documentation stating they have an EULA and you should use it,
looks like are following the basic of: “Letting the user know what will happen” and “asking for his consent”.
so pretty sure no problems on that end.

Great idea on how to deal with uninstalls, I love the way they think.

I can’t see how this method can be compliant with Google Store…
This sounds like a big malware for the users

The method may not be explicitly indicated as forbidden in the current Google rules, but, honestly, this is not the spirit of these rules and your app may be banned one day or another.

I think making an app that people don’t want to uninstall is a better way

First of all this uninstall action is taken outside your app. How this could be compliant :).
They claim that EULA is showed at the beginning… But still, EULA and after that interstitial ad equals - angry user :).
Thanks for that.