Monetization strategy for long term


Since this is a crucial phase for android story and many new developers could fall prey and loose patience if their apps get banned on play store. I have written a blog post on the strategy for monetization of apps (the white hat way).
The link is:
Monetizing your android apps | Java Experience

The cruz is to avoid out-of-app ads for long term sustainability of your apps.
Adsense has introduced a feature named “Violations” where webmasters can see their current and past violations (more than 3 ads per page, fraud ad clicks etc.) . Hope to see same thing for admob/play store too.

Do share your thoughts here or in blog post comments.

From your blog post:

“Interstitials - There are usually full screen ads which offer eCPM based earnings like banners. This ad format usually has better eCPM than banners”

Which ad networks provide revenue for only displaying these ads. The ones that I have seen only pay for installation.

Admob does, I think…

That sounds nice. Admob requires a “Business Name” mainly for tax purposes. Hows can an individual sign up without this?

There are many options for interstitials that too approved by google. Since you don’t have access to admob, you can’ see their mediation platform. Anything available under their mediation is clean. Let me name some for you:

Millennial Media
Rhythm NewMedia
Tremor Video

Again the above list is not exhaustive. I have left out some 5-6 ad networks from full mediation list.

I test app flood, but their revenue is only if I install an app from the ads. Is that really considered eCPM?
Pardon my ignorance in this topic.

Full list here:

Thanks Bond. However my question is, which of the ad networks (besides admob) pay us revenue if we only show the ads via interstitial?
I have tested 2-3 which need the users to install the app from the ad so that a developer will gain revenue.

Right now AppFlood has CPI and CPC
New AppFlood CPC option offers more control over campaign optimization

CPM will be coming very soon, including for interstitials.

@dbest, even admob calculates ecpm based on clicks on ads. As mentioned by @KaitlinM, Appflood is CPC. Even adsense has now gone CPC. Advertisers don’t want to pay unless someone visits them.
No one is interested in paying for just displaying banners to audience. So when I say eCPM based ad networks, it is actually the networks who calculate your eCPM based on traffic and CTR.

Makes sense now. Thanks