Making Money with Android

Monetise apps using notifications on Android

I am working on an app that is based entirely on notifications. It’s an application that checks gives a user latest information from a website in a form of a notification card.

The only time the user opens the app is to setup the notification schedule etc… From that point on, a notification/alarm will be delivered to the user on set intervals.

Given the fact that notifications ads are not allowed by Google, I am wondering what other possible ways people have used or advise to monetise my application?


I think absolutly NO user wants do download such an application !

I think you misread the post. His notifications are part of the app’s functionality i.e. the users need them. He’s just wondering how would one monetize such an app.


It’s tough to monetize such apps. If I were to get creative, I would have added a small “sponsered by X” in a small font, right-aligned, just below the notification. A two-finger swipe could then fade-in the ad creative if the user was interested. This however could give Google a reason to ban you for out-of-app advertising even though it’s not quite that 'coz the notification does serve a purpose and is not an ad altogether. You could probably explore this idea on third party app stores.

On Google Play, if tapping the notifications is supposed to show up more details, you could serve an ad on that details View.

you can monetize your app by intergrating the SDK of an ad this way, you can earn revenue for every new install.