It seems there’s (yet) another player in the game.

They have an out of app model, changing the browser homepage and paying per search, instead of paying per install.

MoneDroid - Monetize you Android App

The MoneDroid’s SDK adds a default search page to the end user Android device’s browser. Searches that are made by your users are generating ongoing revenue which we share with you.

You can earn up to $10 for every 1,000 searches, your earnings are calculated as a combination of the following:
-Unique users
-Search engines visits
-Web searches

Final reports are sent within 7 days from the end of the calendar month and payments are made to your PayPal account on a net-30 day basis.

I have no connection with them, just wanted to share and have a common place to discuss experiences with this network.

looks like a clone of startapp. can be considered given the fact that startapp’s sdk is flashed as virus by AVG

I was wondering if we were going to see a network with this take on the idea!

Now I wonder how close the rates would be to StartApp and AppWiz’s current rates. I would be surprised if you could make more, but then again it looks like they aren’t asking for anything but the search integration.

I will wait.

@A1ka1inE, you seem to be a fan of PPD. What PPD networks are you using for your non-game apps?

I was using StartApp, but I am now using AppWiz. They are the best bet for my traffic now!

Its a bit different from startapp. Startapp pays you once and then milks the users for lifetime without sharing a penny with you.

These guys are saying they will do revshare of 50% with you. This seems much better than one time. We all know getting paid one time is like peanuts.

Not clone and not PPD . They are paying for browser search .

I have sent you an invitation. I am getting 2500 download from all of my applications. You are not replying. How will you grow as an ad network?